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Doctor J. Mallet to William Allmon



Ship Asia, New-York, July 18, 1775.

SIR: Relying on your discretion and prudence, I have to request your assistance in an affair that I imagine will require some dexterity to manage properly. I want to have a few articles out of the medicine store put on board Captain Vandeput' s Ship, to be sent here, if you think it can be done so as not to be observed. You must consult with Bowden about it, who has the care of them; and I hope will meet with no difficulty in putting into the man-of-war boat at Blundell' s house, at noon day, to avoid suspicion, a box of lint, the two boxes puly. Peruvian, one do. Sal Glaub. The pot of camphire, and what opium there is packed in another small box. If you can' t easily send all these articles, the box of lint, which is most wanted, may be easily carried under the arm; as also the camphire and opium. Scrape off the marks, and after it is on board, direct it for me at this place. Be cautious how you open the front part of the store. I believe you will find the key at Mrs. Reid' s; as Mrs˙ Mallett tells me she left all the keys with her; you will leave them there again when you have got out the above articles. I hope Bowden will take all the care he can both of the medicines and bedding store, and give me


immediate notice if any one offers to meddle with them; and tell them from me, that I will take care he shall be satisfied for his trouble. If the key should not he there, I must get you to write to Mrs˙ Mallett, or to group, if necessary, to know where it is put. I left them all in a drawer of my desk, and I dare say you will find them at Mrs˙ Reid' s, as I know that of the bedding store is there. I should be glad of a bale or two of old sheets, but am afraid it will be difficult to get them. Don' t risk any thing, but first let me know if it is practicable to get them, and several other articles I want, out of the medicine store on some future occasion. Captain Kingston, who brings you this, has directions to find you or Bowden, and give you all the assistance he can, and will take care of whatever you give into his charge. There are some lancets, needles, scalpels, and pocket instruments, in one of my drawers also; if they could be got at, I should be glad they were sent here, but I fear Mrs˙ Mallett has the keys in the country. Mr˙ Bruce will write to you on this subject, to enjoin your transacting this business with all imaginable precaution; and be assured you will, in return, meet with every thing to serve you in the power of your assured friend,


To Mr˙ William Allmon, at Dr˙ Bruce' s, New-York, per favour of Captain Kingston