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Meeting of the Inhabitants of Anne Arundel County, and the City of Annapolis



At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis, qualified to vote for Representatives, on Wednesday, the ninth day of November, 1774:

Resolved, That Thomas Dorsey, John Hood, Junior, John Dorsey, Philip Dorsey, John Burgess, Thomas Sappington, Ephraim Howard, Caleb Dorsey, Richard Stringer, Reuben Merriweather, Charles Warfield, Edward Gaither, Junior, Greenberry Ridgely, Elijah Roboson, Thomas Mayo, James Kelso, Benjamin Howard, Ely Dorsey, Senior, Mark Brown Sappington, Brice T˙ B˙ Worthington, Charles Carroll, Barrister, John Hall, William Paca, Thomas Johnson, Junior, Matthias Hammond, Samuel Chase, Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, Rezin Hammond, Charles Wallace, Richard Tootell, Thomas Harwood, Junior, John Davidson, John Brice, John Weems, Samuel Chew, Thomas Sprigg, Gerard Hopkins, Junior, Thomas Hall, Thomas Harwood, West River. Stephen Stewart, Thomas Watkins, Thomas Belt, the Third, Richard Green, and Stephen Watkins, be a Committee to represent and act for this County and City, to carry into execution the Association agreed on by the American Continental Congress; and that any seven have power to act.

Resolved, That Thomas Johnson, Junior, John Hall, William Paca, Charles Carroll, Barrister, Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, Matthias Hammond, Samuel Chase, and Richard Tootell, be a Committee of Correspondence for this County and City; and that any three have power to act.

Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting, that the gentlemen appointed to represent this County and City in the late Provincial Convention, together with Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, ought to attend the next Provincial Meeting on the 21st instant, and have full power to represent and act for this County and City.