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Court Martial


Saturday, July 15, A˙ M.

The Court met according to adjournment. Col˙ Scammons begged liberty to produce the four next witnesses, who were admitted and sworn accordingly.

Henry Fess, drummer, deposed: that as we marched down Cambridge road, we met two men on horseback, who told us the Regulars were landing at Lechmere' s Point. We then marched very fast towards the point, where we met General Whitcomb, who told Colonel Scammons to go round to the hill, whichthill I understood to mean the little round hill we marched to. I was within ten feet of General Whitcomb, when these orders were given.

Ichabod Smith deposed and said: I was about ten feet from General Whitcomb, at Lechmere' s Point, when I heard him desire Colonel Scammons to march round, and observe the motion of the floating batteries which lay near the little hill. We marched to the little hill and continued there about twenty minutes. As soon as Colonel Scammons found out where the firing of the small-arms was


he immediately marched the Regiment towards Bunker' s Hill, with the utmost despatch.

Samuel Hubbard deposed and said: I was within ten feet of General Whitcomb, and heard him order Colonel Scammons to go to the hill. But the deponent does not know what hill. I heard Colonel Scammons ask the General if be could go across the marsh, which was the nearest way to the little hill. General Whitcomb replied, that he could not, but must go up and round by the road. Frethy Spencer agreed with Hubbard exactly, being close to him during the conversation between General Whitcomb and Colonel Scammons.

Adjutant Marsden was sworn at the desire of the complainants, and deposed, that we were three-quarters of an hour on the little hill, and continued about twenty minutes after we heard of this firing on the hill in Charlestown. I went halfway up Bunker' s Hill with Colonel Scammons, when I left him and went to the breastwork, where I got before the enemy forced it; the confusion was so great when we got to Bunker' s Hill we could not form the Regiment.

The prisoner then made a few remarks on the evidence, and withdrew. The Court being cleared, entered upon the examination of the evidence collectively, and after debate adjourned to Monday, 17th of July, eight o' clock, A˙ M.