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Amos Taylor to Samuel Chase



Philadelphia, December 14th, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: By the bearer, George Fox, I send the several bills relating to the clothing a company of troops late commanded by Captain Watkins. The bills are the same that I presented to you at your lodgings in Philadelphia last Saturday.

Gentlemen, I must entreat you will consider the circumstance of a couple of poor tradesmen, one of whom is now in the service of his country and has left a family behind him. The bills are acknowledged by Lieutenant Richard Grace, who had the command of the company when the clothes were made, (under the direction of Thomas Stone, Esq˙) Mr˙ Grace I expect will be thought a sufficient voucher. I have likewise got a gentleman of good character in this place to write a few lines to Mr˙ Heligar in my favour, to whom I refer you for further satisfaction. I doubt not but you will pay the amount of said bills to the bearer, which will greatly oblige, gentlemen, your friend, &c˙,


To Samuel Chase and William Paca, Esquires, Delegates from the State of Maryland, at Baltimore.