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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


The Committee met according to adjournment, Friday, July 14, 1775:

Present: William Smith, Chairman, Thomas Harrison, John Kennedy, Hercules Courtenay, William Spear, Benjamin Griffith, Benjamin Nicholson, Thomas Elliot, Barnet Eichelberger, William Goodwin, William Neill, Benjamin Levy, John McLure, John Merryman, William Buchanan, Andrew Buchanan, Samuel Davy, John Moale, David McLennan, Mark Alexander, M˙ Merryman James Croxall, Cornelius Clopper, John McLennan, James Cox, James Sterrett, John Sterrett, Isaac Grist, Abram Vanbibber, George Woolsey, David Stewart, John Boyd, Thomas Jones.

They resumed the business of yesterday.

Mr˙ Robert Christie, Jun˙, attended, and declared that Mr˙ James Christie was very sorry for the Letter he had wrote Lieutenant-Colonel Christie; that he did not mean any harm by it, and that he was very willing to acquiesce in the determination of the Committee.

On motion, Resolved, That Doctor John Boyd, and Mr˙ John McLure, (Members of this Committee,) do wait on Mr˙ Christie, and inquire of him who those moderate people were that united for their defence, as mentioned in his Letter, and that they take his answer in writing.

The gentlemen returned, and report, that Mr˙ Christie declared, there never was any association between him and his friends for the purpose alluded to, or for any other purpose; and all that he remembers to have passed on the occasion was, that some time last winter he was informed that he, with some of his friends, were to be made a publick example of, for not uniting with the town in the present opposition, and this being spoken of accidentally among two or three of his friends, it was proposed, whether an association for mutual defence would be advisable, but no determination being then made, and they soon after being


convinced that no threats worth notice had been thrown out against them, the matter dropped, and was never afterwards thought of or attempted, and that it was at this time of doubt and apprehension that he had wrote the Letter in question, which accounts for that part of it alluded to in this inquiry.

The Committee proceeded to take Mr˙ Christie' s conduct, with respect to the said Letter, into further and deliberate consideration, and were unanimously of opinion, that by representing in said Letter the people of this town to be concerned in treasonable and rebellious practices, and that a number of soldiers would keep them quiet, he has manifested a spirit and principle altogether inimical to the rights, privileges, and liberties of America. They do, therefore, think it their duty to advertise the said James Christie, Jun˙, as an enemy to this country, and all persons are desired to break off all connection and intercourse with him.

The Committee do further Resolve, That as the crime of which the said James Christie is guilty, is of so dangerous and atrocious a nature, they will lay the same before their Delegates at the Continental Congress for their advice; and, in the mean time,

It is Ordered, That, as Mr˙ Christie is confined to his bed, and cannot be removed with safety to a place of security, the same Guard be continued at his house to prevent any escape, attempted either by himself or the assistance of his friends; and that Mr˙ Christie pay each man five Shillings for each twenty-four hours, and the Officer seven Shillings and six Pence.

A report having been circulated that a number of Arms and a quantity of Ammunition were secretly lodged in the house of Mr˙ James Christie, and the same being mentioned to the Committee, they directed two of their Members, Captain Clopper and Mr˙ James Cox, to go immediately and search Mr˙ Christie' s house; which they accordingly did, and reported that they had examined the house attentively in every part, attended by Mr˙ Robert Christie, Jun˙, and that they only found two Guns and a pair of Pistols, and no Ammunition, and were convinced no others were in the house.

Resolved, That these Proceedings be published in the Maryland Papers.

And, on motion, Ordered, That the Proceedings of the Committee of Talbot County, respecting the Ship Johnson, and declaring James Gildart an enemy to the liberties of America, be republished in the Baltimore Papers.