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Committee for Philadelphia


Committee Chamber, Philadelphia, April 3, 1775.

Whereas there is the greatest reason to believe that quantities of East India Goods have been purchased in England by Holland merchants and others, with a view to transport them to the Dutch Islands in the West-Indies, and from thence introduce them Into the Ports of North America; and its such a traffick would not only be injurious to the trade and interest of this Country, but effectually counteract the Non-Importation Agreement which has been adopted, among other measures, for the common safety, this Committee therefore think it expedient thus publickly to caution their fellow-citizens against engaging in so pernicious a trade, and to declare that the utmost vigilance will be used to detect any persons who shall endeavour to import such India Goods from the Dutch Islands or elsewhere, and when detected their names will be published to the world, as delinquents and enemies to the liberties of America. By order of the Committee:

JOHN BENEZET, Assistant Secretary.