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Petition of William Ross




To the honourable the Council of State sitting in WATERTOWN, SEPTEMBER, 1776:

The Petition of WILLIAM ROSS, of JAMAICA, gentleman, humbly shows:

That by an order of this honourable Board of the 7th


ultimo, your petitioner, in conjunction with Mr˙ Nathaniel Morgan, were permitted to purchase a vessel for the conveniency of transporting themselves and their families to Great Britain, to depart from this State any time after the 1st instant, and in the mean time giving them leave to prepare such vessel as they might purchase, so as to be ready to sail when this honourable Board might think proper to grant them permission. In consequence of which order your petitioner has purchased a vessel, but in preparing her he has met with some interruption, particularly in procuring of ballast, which has been refused to b' e supplied him without a certificate from the Committee of Safety in Boston, of its being agreeable to them, for which certificate your petitioner applied to the said Committee, and produced a copy of the aforesaid order of this honourable Board, but the said Committee refused granting any such certificate, as the said order was not addressed to them.

Your petitioner therefore humbly prays that your Honours would be pleased to order the said Committee to grant him leave to procure such ballast, and to do and provide every thing else necessary for the putting the said vessel into a proper condition for going to sea, (excepting the bending of her sails,) that she may be ready to proceed whenever your Honours are pleased again to grant permission, the honourable Board in their wisdom having thought proper to suspend their former permission till further orders, by an order of the 21st ultimo. And your petitioner shall ever pray, &c.


In Council, September 3d, 1776.

Read, and Ordered, That David Sewall, Esq˙, be directed to take the within Petition into consideration and report.

JOHN AVERY, Deputy Secretary.

Council Chamber, September 3, 1776.

Ordered, That William Ross, of Jamaica, who has by permission of this Board purchased a vessel to transport himself and family to Great Britain be, and hereby is permitted to procure ballast for his said vessel, and to do everything necessary for repairing and fitting the vessel for the sea, for his intended voyage; and all persons are directed in no manner to retard, hinder, or molest, the said William Ross, or such persons as he may employ in that business. And to the end the said William Ross may not depart till the order of this Board, the Committee of Inspection, Correspondence, &c˙, for the town of Boston, are directed to receive the sails of the said vessel into their custody, and them detain until the said Ross shall have permission in writing from this Board to take his departure, and the said Committee are also directed to use their influence to prevent the said William' s being interrupted in preparing his vessel for his intended voyage as aforesaid.