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New-York Committee


A draft of a Petition to the honourable the Provincial Congress for the Province of New-York, was read, and is as follows, viz:

To the Honourable the Provincial Congress for the Province of NEW-YORK.

The Petition of the General Committee for the City and County of NEW-YORK, humbly showeth:

That a body of troops, from a neighbouring Colony, did lately make their publick entry into the city at noon-day, and did seize and carry off the types belonging to one of the publick Printers of this Colony, without any authority from the Continental or this Congress, your Petitioners, or any other body having power to grant such authority. And being apprehensive that such incursions, should they


be repeated, will be productive of many great and evil consequences to the inhabitants of such place wherein they may be hereafter made, your Petitioners do therefore conceive it highly necessary, in the present situation of publick affairs, as well for the sake of internal peace and harmony of each Colony, as for the maintenance of the general union of the Continent, now happily subsisting, and so essential at this juncture, that each of the Associated Colonies on the Continent should have the sole management and regulation of its publick matters, by its Congress or Committee, unless otherwise directed by the honourable the Continental Congress.

Your Petitioners do therefore most humbly pray, that this honourable House of Delegates would be pleased to take the premises into their consideration, and devise some expedient to prevent, for the future, the inhabitants of any of the neighbouring Colonies coming into this, to direct the publick affairs of it, or to destroy the property or invade the liberty of its inhabitants, without the direction of the Continental or this Congress, or the Committee of Safety, or the Committee of the County into which such inhabitants may come, or of the Continental Generals, unless there should be an invasion into this Colony. And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, shall ever pray, &c.

By order of the Committee.

Ordered, That the same be fairly copied, and signed by the Chairman of this Committee, and delivered to the Chairman of the Congress.