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Philadelphia Committee of Inspection



At a special meeting of the Committee of Inspection of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, June 1, 1776:

Whereas the honourable Congress, by their Resolve of the 30th of May, have empowered the Committees of Inspection to regulate the price of Salt:

Resolved, That that article shall not exceed the following prices: Coarse Salt, 7 6 per bushel, 3 9d˙ per half bushel, and 2 per peck; fine Salt, 8 per bushel, 4 per half bushel, and 2 2 per peck.

And whereas the Congress have empowered the Committees of Inspection to regulate the price of Green Tea, as well as to execute their Resolve limiting the price of Bohea Tea at three-fourths of a Dollar per pound:

Resolved, That the price of the best Green Tea shall not exceed 32 6d˙ per pound.

Resolved likewise, That if any persons shall, by any art


or evasion, elude the above Resolutions by refusing to sell the above articles at the said limited prices, they may depend upon being held up as enemies to their country, without respect to persons; and they may be assured the Committee will take such further steps (if necessary) as will effectually carry the above resolutions of Congress into execution.

The Committee request that all virtuous citizens will use their utmost endeavours to detect and bring to justice all such persons as dare to offend against the above necessary and highly useful regulations.

J˙ B˙ SMITH, Secretary.