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Members of His Majesty' s Council Permitted


From the Doorkeeper of the Council at the door, the Congress was informed by one of the Secretaries, through the President, that his Majesty' s Council are summoned to meet this day on board of his Excellency' s Ship, and requests such directions as will enable them to go on board of the Governour' s Ship without molestation.

Debates arose on the said request; and the question being put, whether any such permit shall be given? It was carried in the affirmative, in manner following, to wit:

For the affirmative.
3 Albany.
2 Orange.
2 King' s.
4 New-York. — Mr˙ Scott dissenting.
2 Tryon.
2 Charlotte
15 votes.

For the Negative.
2 Suffolk.
2 Cumberland.
2 Dutchess.
3 Westchester.
2 Ulster.
10 votes.


Therefore, Ordered, Thai the honourable Members of his Majesty' s Council, and Samuel Bayard, Jun˙, Esq˙, the Deputy Secretary of this Colony, or any one of his stated Clerks, be permitted to go on board of his Excellency Governour Tryon' s Ship, without interruption.