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Letter from Mr. Grieve to Sir Walter Blackett


Mr˙ GRIEVE presents his most respectful compliments to Sir Walter Blackett, and begs leave to inform him that he has brought to Town with him a petition and memorial to His Majesty, praying for lenient measures with America, signed by twelve hundred and ten burgesses, traders, and inhabitants of Newcastle, who are desirous of having it presented to the King by their Representatives, and in consequence have directed Mr˙ Grieve to deliver it to their care, if they shall think proper to sign and present it. Mr˙ Grieve will have executed his commission satisfactorily to himself, as well as the gentlemen of Newcastle, if Sir Walter Blackett and Sir Matthew Ridley fortunately approve of it, and, by signing and presenting it, will adopt and give their sanction to the measure.

Sunday morning, half past 11 o' clock, Nov˙ 5, 1775.