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To Encourage the Manufacture of Fire-Arms and Cannon


Resolve to encourage the manufacture of Firearms and Cannon; passed JULY 2, 1776.

Whereas, notwithstanding the encouragement hitherto given by this Government for the manufacturing of Firearms, a sufficient number has not yet been obtained: Therefore,

Resolved, That for every effective and substantial Firearm which shall be manufactured in this Colony, with a barrel of three feet and nine inches in length that will carry an ounce ball, a good bayonet with a blade not less than eighteen inches in length, a steel ramrod, with a spring to retain the same, two loops for gun strings, and the maker' s name stamped or engraved on the lock, and which shall be delivered at Boston or Watertown, to Richard Devens, Esq˙, Commissary, on or before the 1st day of January next, there shall be allowed and paid out of the publick Treasury to the owner thereof, the sum of £3 12s˙: Provided always, That the owner of each Firearm which shall be received for


the Colony, shall prove the same at his own risk, by four inches and a half of powder, a ball, and wads on each, in presence of the said Commissary or some other person or persons appointed by him for that purpose.

And whereas the casting and manufacturing of Cannon, for the service of this Colony, has become absolutely necessary:

Be it therefore further Resolved, That Dr˙ Lewis Sweeting be a Committee to repair to the Furnaces in Abington and Providence, in order to obtain all possible insight and knowledge in this very necessary branch of business, and make report to this Court as soon as may be.