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Dr. Benjamin Church Expelled the House


The Committee for considering the conduct of Benjamin Church, Esq˙, &c˙, reported.

Whereas, from certain facts expressly acknowledged and confessed by Benjamin Church, Jun˙, Esq˙, a member of the said House, at their bar, on Friday, the 27th day of October last, it manifestly appears that he, the said Benjamin Church, in the month of July last, did endeavour to carry on a secret correspondence with the enemy in Boston, highly criminal and dangerous:

And whereas it also appears, from the said facts so confessed, that there are grounds for a violent presumption, that before that time he had secretly communicated intelligence to the said enemy, most injurious and destructive to this and all the United American Colonies; and as it is of the highest importance to this Colony that this House should not in any degree connive at such wicked and detestable practices, nor afford any protection to such traitorous criminals; but, on the other hand, in every proper way testify to the world their utmost abhorrence of such deceitful conduct, horrible ingratitude, and breach of trust:


It is therefore Resolved, That he, the said Benjamin Church, be expelled this House, and he is accordingly hereby utterly expelled the same, and his seat therein declared vacant; and that this House will not afford to him, the said Benjamin, any of that special privilege and protection which every worthy and honest member of this body is, by the law and Constitution, entitled to, may challenge, and which this House will always grant.

Upon a motion, Ordered, That a Precept issue to the late inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to return a Member, if they see cause, to represent them in the Great and General Court, in the room of Benjamin Church, Jun˙, Esq˙, and that Mr˙ Pitts report a form for the same.