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Petition from the City of Philadelphia


Friday, March 8, 1776.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

A Petition, signed by a great number of the Inhabitants of the City of Philadelphia, was presented to the House, and read, praying a more adequate representation In Assembly.

Ordered to lie on the table.

The Order of last Tuesday being read,

The House took into consideration the Petitions before them from the City of Philadelphia, and several of the back Counties, for an increase of Members to represent them in the Assembly of this Province; and, after a debate of considerable length, adjourned to three o' clock, P˙ M.

Post Meridian.

The House proceeded in the consideration of the subject before them in the morning; and, after further debate thereon,

Resolved, (upon the question,) That four additional Representatives in Assembly be allowed to the City of Philadelphia; two additional Representatives to each of the Counties of Lancaster, York, Cumberland, Berks, and Northampton; and one additional Representative to each of the Counties of Bedford, Northumberland, and West-moreland.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Dickinson, Mr˙ Reed, Mr˙ Rodman, Mr˙ Jacobs, Mr˙ Ross, Mr˙ Ewing, Mr˙ Montgomery, Mr˙ Chreist, Mr˙ Toylor, Mr˙ Dougherty, Mr˙ Hunter, and Mr˙ Thompson, be a Committee to prepare and bring in a Bill for allowing to the City of Philadelphia; and certain Counties of this Province, such additional Members in Assembly as are mentioned in the foregoing Resolve.

The House adjourned to ten o' clock to-morrow morning.