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Committee to Consider

Upon motion, the Memorial from the Managers of the United Company of Philadelphia, for promoting American Manufactures, was again read; and, after some debate thereon,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Miles, Mr˙ Roberts, Mr˙ Reed, Mr˙ Brown, Mr˙ Pennock, Mr˙ Grubb, Mr˙ Swoope, Mr˙ Montgomery, Mr˙ Chreist, Mr˙ Taylor, Mr˙ Dougherty, and Mr˙ Hunter, be a Committee to consider of, and report to the House, the best mode of encouraging the culture of Flax in this Province.

The Governour, by Mr˙ Secretary, returned the Bill intituled "An Act to enable the Keepers of Records, in the Counties of Philadelphia and Chester, to remove them to more safe and convenient places," and acquainted the House he should be ready to pass the said Bill into a law whenever presented to him for that purpose.

The House adjourned to three o' clock, P˙ M.