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For Taking Possession of the Estates of Thomas Hutchinson and Henry Lloyd


Resolve directing the Committee of MILTON, to take into possession the Estates of THOMAS HUTCHINSON and HENRY LLOYD; passed JULY 1, 1776.

Resolved, That the Committee of Correspondence, Safety, and Inspection, of the Town of Milton, be, and they are hereby, empowered to take into their possession all the Personal Estate of Thomas Hutchinson, late of said Milton, which is in the possession of Colonel Taylor, in said Milton, or wherever it may be found, excepting such as may have been otherwise disposed of by order of the General Court, and to follow the directions of this Court respecting the same, as in similar cases provided.

And further Resolved, That said Committees take into their care the Estate let to Captain Daniel Vose by Henry Lloyd, late of Boston, who fled with the Ministerial Fleet, observing the directions of Court with respect to the Estates of Refugees.