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Letter from John Gibson, Jun., Auditor-General, to New-Hampshire Assembly



Treasury Office, Philadelphia, October 31, 1776.

HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: As Commissioners have been appointed by Congress to liquidate and adjust the publick accounts in the Northern department, and are now assembled at Albany for that purpose, it is necessary they should be furnished by each State with an account of the several advances and payments to the officers and others who have been entrusted with publick money, to enable them to settle the accounts. We have, therefore, to request you would be pleased as soon as possible to order an account of such advances as your State may have made, the settlement of which may properly fall within the Northern department, to be drawn out, and forward them to the Commissioners by express, in order that, the proper stoppages being made, your State may be reimbursed by Congress.

The names of the Commissioners are James Milligan, John Carter, and John Wells, Esqrs.

I have the honour to be, in the name of the Superintendents of the Treasury, honourable gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,

JOHN GIBSON, Jun˙, Auditor-General.

To the honourable the Assembly of the State of New-Hampshire.