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On the Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of Egamagon Reach, No˙ 4, so called, praying for a small supply of Provisions:

Resolved, That it be recommended by this Congress to the Committee of Safety of the Town of Salem, or to the like Committee or Committees of Correspondence of any other Towns within this Province, to supply Messrs˙ Robert Byard and Alexander Greenlaw, of said Egamagon Reach, No˙ 4, for the present relief of the said inhabitants, with the following articles, viz: forty bushels of Indian Corn and five barrels of Pork; and take in return for the same, cord Wood, or such other payment as the said Robert Byard and Alexander Greenlaw may be able to make. And in case they, the said Byard and Greenlaw, should not make satisfaction for the same in a reasonable time, it shall be allowed and paid out of the publick Treasury of this Province, and the said Byard and Greenlaw shall refund the same as soon as may be.