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Proceedings of a Meeting of the Governour and Council of Connecticut, On the 3d of November


"New-Haven, November 10, 1775.

"SIR: The Committee appointed by the Town of New-Haven, in pursuance of a recommendation frorn the Governour and Council of Safety to put this place in a proper posture of defence, now apply to you and your honourable Committee of Safety for the loan of eighteen pieces of heavy cannon, for the defence of this Town. The enclosed letter, from his Honour Governour Trumbull, will assure you that the cannon, if lent to us, will be at the risk of this Colony, which we hope will remove every objection to granting our request, provided such a measure is consistent with your own safety.

"We request the favour of an early determination and answer; and if the gentlemen of the Committee are pleased to grant our request, it will be doing an essential service to the Town of New-Haven, and will be most gratefully acknowledged. If we have your consent, we will, on receipt of your letter expressing that consent, give the necessary orders for their removal to this place, without giving you any further trouble, and shall ever esteem ourselves, and the Town we represent, under lasting obligations to you for this friendly assistance, in this time of our danger; and are, with great respect and regard, your most obedient and most humble servants.

"Signed by order and in behalf of the Committee:


"Henry Remsen, Esq."