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Committee to Prepare an Address to Generals


Thursday, June 29, 1775.

A Petition from Mr˙ John Calef was read, and committed to Major Fuller, Colonel Coffin, Mr˙ Hopkins, Captain Parker, and Mr˙ Mighill.

The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve for the purpose of recommending to the Governour and Company of Connecticut to supply the eastern country with Provisions, reported. The Report was accepted.

A Letter from the Committee of Safety, enclosing a Letter from Mr˙ Samuel Smith, Chairman of the Committee of Northfield, was read, and ordered to be sent to the Committee of Supplies.

The Committee appointed to consider the Petition from Narragaugus and other Towns at the eastward, reported. The Report was ordered to subside, and the Petitioners had leave to withdraw their Petition.

Ordered, That the President, Major Hawley, Doctor Whiting, Mr˙ Hopkins, and Mr˙ Greenleaf, be a Committee to prepare an Address to Generals Washington and Lee, to be presented to them on their arrival here.

The Committee appointed to consider the Petition of Officers belonging to Colonel Prescott' s, Colonel Fry' s, and Bridge' s Regiments, reported; which Report was accepted.

Ordered, That the Resolve passed the 19th instant, relative to Spears, &ct˙, be recommitted to Major Goodwin for amendment.

The Committee appointed to consider a proposal made by Doctor Whiting, for sending some person to New-York, to advise with Doctor Graham and others, and procure from them directions for the manufacture of Saltpetre, reported; which Report was ordered to lay on the table; and Mr˙ Phillips and Doctor Whiting were appointed to confer with Mr˙ Professor Sewall, on the subject-matter contained therein.