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Report of the Committee on a Letter from General Greene


The Committee appointed to consider the subject of a Letter from General Green, reported. The Report was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

The Congress having taken into consideration the difficulties and troubles which have, and daily are arising in our camps, by reason of divers evil-minded persons selling Spirituous Liquors, by which means it is not in the power of the officers, although a constant exertion has been hitherto made, to prevent the same, in order to keep that steady government in camp so absolutely necessary; therefore,

Resolved, That if any licensed person shall, after the fifteenth instant, presume to sell any Spirituous Liquors to any soldier, without a permit from the Captain, or commanding officer of the Company be belongs to, specifying the quantity, shall, for the first offence, forfeit his license, and for the second, suffer such punishment as shall be inflicted on him or her by a Court-Martial; and any person who is not a licensed person, or whose license is without the limits of said camp, who shall presume to retail any Spirituous Liquor to any of the Troops, shall suffer for the first offence the penalties inflicted by a Court-Martial: this Resolve not to extend to any person who shall have a license or permit from the General, or commanding officer.