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Letter from the Colony Agents in London


Monday, March 20, 1775.

Mr˙ Speaker laid before the House a Letter which he had received from three of the Colony Agents in London, which was, by order, read, and ordered to be transcribed upon the Minutes of the House; and follows in these words, viz:

London, December 24, 1774.

SIR: This is just to inform you, that having received the Petition of the General Congress to the King, we immediately communicated the same to Lord Dartmouth, Secretary of State for the American Department, as the regular official method, and that by which only we could have expectation of obtaining an answer. His Lordship this day informed us, that he had laid the same before the King; that His Majesty, had been pleased to receive it very graciously, and to say it was of so great importance that he should, as soon as they met, lay it before his two Houses of Parliament. We can now only add, that we are in great respect, Sir, your most obedient and most humble servants,


To the Honourable the Speaker of the Assembly of the three Lower Counties on Delaware.