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General Schuyler to Captain Hulbert



Ticonderoga, November 1, 1775.

SIR: Enclosed is a list of the officers and men that were made prisoners at Chambly. You will be particularly attentive that no person, who may have forgotten the rights of mankind, and the principles of Englishmen, offer the least insult to any of the gentlemen, their soldiers, their wives, or children.

Your good sense, and your own feelings, will point out to you, that officers are to be treated with the utmost attention and politeness. It is sufficient barely to mention this to a gentleman of your character; they are in all places to be entertained at the publick expense, for which you will pay; and I therefore enclose you a warrant on the Paymaster-General; you will keep accounts of your disbursements and transmit them to me as early as possible. The non-commissioned officers and privates, prisoners as well as your men, will be supplied with provisions at Albany, to carry them to Connecticut, for which you will apply to the Commissary-General, who I have ordered to provide sloops to carry them down to Mr˙ Huffman' s wharf, from whence the travel to Connecticut will be short and commodious; you will send both the subalterns, with the privates, and all your party, except ten. At Canaan, you will meet with Governour Trumbull' s directions for their future route. You will give fifty pounds to the eldest subaltern, for such expenses as may necessarily incur, (which cannot be many,) as I have ordered the Commissary-General to provide the sloops and carriages, who will pay for them; you will give a copy of these orders to the eldest subaltern; you will also furnish the Commissary-General with a copy of this, who will find lodgings for the officers, and Monsieur Rigauville. I have wrote to him respecting their entertainment at Albany, of which he will take care, and all expenses incurred there he will discharge; the non-commissioned officers and privates are to be in the barracks during their stay at Albany.

The Commissary-General will procure a sloop, and every thing necessary for the passage, on board of which you and that part of your party that is to accompany you, are to embark, as also the Honourable Major Slopford, Mr˙ Harison, Mr˙ Shuttleworth, Mr˙ Hamer, Mr˙ Huddleston, and Monsieur Rigauville. You will then proceed by water, to Haverstraw Landing, where you will disembark, and procure carriages to carry you to Newark, where it is possible you may fall in with the stage coach, to carry you and the officers to Trenton, their servants baggage and your party following them in wagons; on your arrival at Trenton you are to provide good lodgings, and see that the gentlemen are properly entertained; and then you are to proceed to Philadelphia, and report to Congress what you have done in obedience to these orders, and take theirs for your future conduct.

Captain Godwin and Mr˙ M' Cullock have requested to remain here until the fate of St˙ John' s is determined, which I have consented to, as the former gentleman has his lady and family in Canada, and the latter, a widower, has two small children there.

The Honourable Major Stopford having requested, that if he should determine at Albany, to take the band of musick with him, as also his sutler, that he might be permitted, and to which I readily consented, you will accordingly comply with the requisition, should he make it.

Mr˙ Algee has my leave to go to New-York on his parole of honour, and to remain there fourteen days, then to repair to Trenton.

Mr˙ Barrington being indisposed remains at Saratoga.

I am, sir, your humble servant,


To Captain Hulbert.