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Samuel Goodwin to General Washington



Pownalborough, October 17, 1775.

SIR: According to your Excellency' s verbal orders, by Colonel Benedict Arnold, I supplied him with a plan of the sea-coast, from Cape Elizabeth to Penobscot, and the River Kennebeck to the several heads thereof, and the several carrying places to Ammeguntick Pond and Chaudiere River, (which Ammeguntick empties into said Chaudiere River, which Chaudiere empties into the River St˙ Lawrence, about four miles above Quebeck,) and the passes and carrying places to Quebeck; and also made several small plans for each department, for their guide; and also gave him a copy of a journal which represented all the quick water and carrying places to and from Quebeck, both ways, viz: east and west; the west is the way to go, and the east to come. Sir, if there was a road cut, it would be much


easier carrying an army and provisions, and would shorten the way much; and then you might have a post to pass once a week or ten days.

I think it would be for the general interest for you to have a copy of said plan, &c˙, and then you would be a judge of what would be best to be done. It hath been a great cost and labour to me to obtain those plans, &c˙, and make them. Sir, if you think it worth your notice, and will give orders therefor, I will copy one for you, and wait on you with it, and give you the best intelligence I can, as I think I know as much of this country as any one, as I have been travelling, surveying, and settling this part, ever since the year 1750. I would willingly go to lay out a road, and see it cleared, &c˙, and do every thing necessary, if agreeable, and orders therefor, and you, &c˙, should think it worth while.

But submitting all to your better judgment, I am, Sir, with all due respect, your most obedient, devoted, and very humble servant,


To his Excellency George Washington, Esq.

N˙ B. Mr˙ Reuben Colburn informed me you wanted a plan. I thus began it about three weeks before Colonel Arnold arrived, or I could not have got it ready for him.

Please to excuse the smallness of the paper, for there is a famine of it here.