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Letter from the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania


A Memorial from Jonathan D˙ Sergeant, Esq˙, Treasurer


to the late Congress, with a report of his proceedings, were read, and ordered a second reading.

A Letter from the Chairman of the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, enclosing two Letters, said to have been written by the Rev˙ Mr˙ Jonathan Odell, of Burlington, to certain persons in Great Britain, and referring the consideration of the said Letters to this Congress, was laid before the Congress, and the several Letters were read, and ordered a second reading.

A Memorial from the Rev˙ Mr˙ Odell, praying that this Congress will be pleased to appoint an hour for his being heard this day, was read, and ordered a second reading.

A motion was inside by Mr˙Mehelm, that this Congress do, in general, keep their doors open; and, on the question being put, it passed in the negative.

On motion made,

Ordered, That the several Associations, with the lists of such persons as have not associated, returned to this Congress, be filed for the inspection of the Deputies.

A Petition from the Freeholders of Hackensack, objecting to the election of the Committee of that Precinct, and referring the merits of that election to this Congress, was read, and ordered a second reading.

A Petition from a number of the Freeholders of the Precinct of Hackensack, praying that the said election may be confirmed, was read, and ordered a second reading.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the Letter from the Continental Congress, recommending two Battalions to be immediately raised in this Colony; and, after some time spent therein,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Fisher, Mr˙ Ogden, Mr˙ Abraham Clark, and Mr˙ Stewart, be a Committee to prepare the draught of an answer, and to report the same this afternoon.

The Letter from the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, with the Letters of the Rev˙ Mr˙ Odell sent therewith, and also the Memorial of Mr˙ Odell, desiring to be heard respecting the above Letters, were all read a second time; and, Mr˙ Odell attending,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Odell hath leave to return to his house at present, upon his parole of honour to attend this Congress on Tuesday next, at three o' clock, in the afternoon.

The Committee appointed to examine the Muster-Roll of Minute Officers reported, that they had inspected those of Captain Toubrook, Captain Shaw, and Captain Anderson, and recommend that their Commissions be granted.

Ordered, That Commissions do issue accordingly to the Officers of those Companies.

The Congress adjourned till three o' clock, P˙M.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Several Memorials having been presented to this Congress, from gentlemen who offer themselves for commissions in the two Battalions expected to be raised in this Colony, it is

Ordered, That all such Memorials as already have or hereafter may be received on this subject, be filed, until this Congress shall have come to a determination as to the raising of those Battalions, and then to be taken into consideration.