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New-York Committee of Safety to General Heath



In Committee of Safety, Fiehkill, December 5th, 1776.

SIR: I am directed by the Committee of Safety to acknowledge the receipt of your favour of the 3d instant, and assure you that General Washington' s approbation of your generous aid in carrying on the obstructions of Hudson' s river, and your attention to the passes in the Highlands, afford them the highest satisfaction.

The sick of Colonel Bradley' s regiment we had caused to be taken care of by a physician of this place until Doctor McKnight arrived; and be assured, sir, the non-attendance of a Doctor or Surgeon was not ascribed to any inattention of yours.

Such parts of the unfinished academy as are in any wise tenantable at this season of the year, were lately assigned for a distressed party of sick from General McDougall' s brigade; but we are informed by William Duer, Esq˙,


under whose direction the barracks between Peekskill and this place are, that those in the north entrance of the Highlands, and also that near Halt' s, each intended to contain upwards of one thousand men, are nearly completed. In those barracks the sick of your division may now be made comfortable; and if the building of any other hospital shall be necessary, you may be assured, sir, the Convention will be ready to afford every necessary aid in their power for that purpose.

I am, with great respect, sir, your most obedient, humble servant.

By order of the Committee of Safety. In the absence of, and for the Vice President,

JOHN McKESSON, Secretary.

The Honourable Major-General Heath.