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Committee of New-York apply for a Loan of one thousand pounds


Mr˙ John Broome, Chairman, pro tem˙,of the Committee of the City of New-York, attending at the door, was admitted. He delivered in the several Papers hereafter mentioned, which were read, and Mr˙ Broome withdrew.

The first matter delivered in by the said Chairman of the Committee, is an application for the loan of Money, which being read and filed, is in the words following, to wit:

"New-York Committee Chamber, December 19, 1775.

"The Chairman having informed the Committee that there were several demands upon this Board, which have been due some considerable time, requested they would take them under, consideration, and concert some means for discharging them:

"Ordered, That the Chairman be authorized to apply to the Provincial Congress, for the loan of one thousand Pounds, (subject to no interest,) and to give a receipt for the same, and to engage that the same shall be repaid out of the first moneys that shall be raised by way of a tax in this City and County, for defraying the necessary charges incurred for the publick service in defending our rights and privileges. JOHN BROOME, Chairman, pro tem."

The Congress took the said application of the City Committee in consideration, and are unanimously of opinion, that the small supply of Money expecled speedily to be received in the Treasury of this Congress, and their present heavy debts, will not admit of making a loan of one thousand Pounds; but that to relieve the necessities of the Committee, an Order be made on the Treasurer of this Congress, for the sum of five hundred Pounds, payable to the Chairman.

Therefore, Ordered, That Peter V˙ R˙ Livingston, Esq˙, as Treasurer of this Congress, send to Mr˙ John Broome, as Chairman, pro tem, of the Committee of the City of New-York, or to the Chairman for the time then being, the sum of five hundred Pounds, and take such receipt and engagement for the same as proposed by the said Committee in their application to this Congress for a loan.

Mr˙ Broome also delivered in a list and arrangement of the Officers of Colonel Heyer' s Regiment, which was read and approved of, and filed; and,

Ordered, That Commissions be issued accordingly.


Mr˙ Broome also delivered in a list of Officers of three beats of the Militia of the City of New-York.

Ordered, That Commissions be issued accordingly.