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Address presented to Governour Hutchinson



To his Excellency Governour HUTCHINSON:

SIR: A firm persuasion of your inviolable attachment to the real interests of this your native country, and of your constant readiness, by every service in your power, to promote its true welfare and prosperity, will, we flatter ourselves, render it not improper in us, Barristers and Attorneys at Law in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, to address your Excellency upon your removal from us, with this testimonial of our sincere respect and esteem.

The various important characters of Legislator, Judge, and First Magistrate, over this Province, in which, by the suffrages of your fellow-subjects, and by the royal favour of the best of Kings, your great abilities, adorned with a uniform purity of principle and integrity of conduct, have been eminently distinguished, must excite the esteem, and demand the grateful acknowledgments of every true lover of his country and friend to virtue.

The present perplexed state of our public affairs, we are sensible, must render your departure, far less disagreeable to you than it is to us. We assure you, sir, we feel the loss; but when, in the amiable character of your successor, we view a fresh instance of the paternal goodness of our most gracious Sovereign — when we reflect on the probability that your presence at the Court of Great Britain will afford you an opportunity of employing your interest more successfully for the relief of this Province, and particularly of the town of Boston, under their present distresses, we find a consolation which no other human source could afford. Permit us, sir, most earnestly to solicit the exertion of all your distinguished abilities in favour of your native town and country, upon this truly unhappy and distressing occasion.

We sincerely wish you a prosperous voyage, a long continuation, of health and felicity, and the highest rewards of the good and faithful.

We are, sir, with the most cordial affection, esteem and respect, your Excellency' s most obedient and very humble servants,

Robert Auchmuty,
Andrew Cazneau,
David Ingersoll,
Jonathan Sewall,
Daniel Leonard,
Jeremiah D˙ Rogers,
Samuel Fitch,
John Lowell,
David Gorham,
Samuel Quincy,
Daniel Oliver,
Samuel Sewall,
William Pinchon,
Sampson S˙ Blowers,
John Sprague,
James Putnam,
Shearjashub Bourn,
Rufus Chandler,
Benjamin Gridley,
Daniel bliss,
Thomas Danforth,
Aber Willard,
Samuel Porter,
Ebenezer Bradish.

Boston, May 29, 1774.