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Examination and Parole of John Simpson, Samuel Cox, William Elder, William McDermot, James Auchmuty Joseph Woolcomb, and Richard Bruer


Examination of JOHN SIMPSON.

White Plains, in Westchester County, July 6, 1776.

John Simpson, of the County of Northumberland, in England, aged about thirty-eight, about five feet ten inches, light eyes, and brown hair, being examined, says, that he sailed from London in the ship Saville, himself master, bound for Boston, with a cargo of provisions for the Ministerial Navy, where he arrived in November last, and was detained at Boston until the Army under General Howe left that place for Halifax. That he sailed from Halifax with General Howe' s fleet, and on their arrival at the Narrows one of his boats went adrift, on which he, with three of his sailors, took another boat and went in quest of her, and on their coming near Long Island shore were taken prisoners, and brought up to New York, from whence he was sent to this place.


I, John Simpson, master of the ship Saville, a victualling transport, being made a prisoner of war by the Army of the Thirteen United Colonies in North America, do promise and engage, on my word and honour, and on the faith of a gentleman, to depart from hence to the township of Bedford, in, Westchester County, in the Province of New York, being the place of my destination and residence, and there, or six miles thereof, to remain during the present war between Great Britain and the said United Colonies, or until the Congress of the said United Colonies, or the Assembly, Convention, or Committee or Council of Safety of the said Colony, shall order otherwise; and that I will not, directly or indirectly, give any intelligence whatsoever to the enemies of the said United Colonies, or do or say anything in opposition to, or in prejudice of, the measures and proceedings of any Congress for the said Colonies during the present troubles, or until I am duly exchanged or discharged.

Given under my hand, this sixth day of July, A˙ D˙ 1776.
Master of the Saville Victualler.