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Letter to General Washington, signed Britannicus


Cambridge, October 28, 1775.

SIR: As his Excellency General Washington desired me to reduce to writing any thing I knew respecting the Navy in Boston harbour, I beg you would show him the enclosed memorandum, which will afford a general view of their situation. The plan of attacking the Preston, hereto annexed, I send you — I did not choose to present it to the General, lest he might think me too officious. You will make what use of it you please. I think there can be no objection raised against it that I cannot obviate. I am under a necessity to set off immediately for Newburyport, or I should have waited on you in person. Shall return in a few days, when I will do myself that pleasure; and am, interim, most respectfully,

Sir, your very humble servant.

To —



*[Erased in the original.]

*[Erased in the original.]