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General Orders: Head-Quarters, White-Plains, October 25 to 29


Head-Quarters, White-Plains, October 26, 1776.


Captain Ebenezer Huntington is to assist the Adjutant-General in regulating the duties and details of General Heath' s Division till further orders.

An Aid-de-Camp from each Major-General is to attend at Head-Quarters at twelve o' clock every day, to receive the general orders. He is to see that the Brigade-Majors execute them in the division.

An Orderly-Sergeant from each brigade of General Spencer' s Division to attend at Head-Quarters every day; to bring his provision with him, and not to go away till regularly relieved.

Upon the due regulation and management of the wagons, the health and safety of the army entirely depends; and it will be impossible for the Quartermaster-General to have


any regularity if officers of the army undertake to seize wagons, and compel them to go where they please. The General therefore absolutely forbids any officer or soldier taking a wagon by his own authority, and, more especially, stopping them when sent on other services, as it is easy to see that the greatest confusion must, in that case, ensue. When teams are wanted, application must be made to the Quartermaster-General or his Deputy; and every brigade or regiment must wait till the service admits their having them in that channel. The commanding officers of regiments are also required to appoint some spirited, resolute officer to attend the loading of the wagons, and prevent their being filled with lumber and improper articles. Tents and the proper baggage of the regiment are only to be put into the wagons. All others must be left behind; and the General calls upon the General Officers and commanding officers of regiments to set an, example to the soldiers.