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Committee to prepare a temporary civil Constitution


The Returning Officer having certified that Mr˙ Eaton Haynes was duly elected one of the Delegates for the County of Northampton, in the room and stead of Mr˙ Samuel Lockhart, whose seat was vacated by his having a command in the Minute service, appeared and took his seat.

Mr˙ Ambrose Ramsay, of Chatham, one of the Delegates, Mr˙ Samuel Spencer, for Anson County, and Mr˙ John Childs, for the same County, appeared, subscribed the Test, and took their seats in Congress.

On motion, Ordered, That Alexander McDonald son of Allan McDonald) be permitted to his parole, under the same restrictions as those already enlarged.

On motion, Ordered, That Mr˙ John Hunt be appointed an Assistant Clerk to this Congress.

Resolved, That Mr˙ President, Mr˙ Nash, Mr˙ Harnett, Mr˙ Thomas Jones, Mr˙ Green Hill, Mr˙ Burke, Mr˙ Allen Jones, Mr˙ Locke, Mr˙ Blount, Mr˙ Rand, Mr˙ John Johnston, Mr˙ Ashe, Mr˙ Kinchen, Mr˙ Spencer, Mr˙ Haywood, Mr˙ Richardson, Mr˙ Bradford, Mr˙ Ramsay, and Mr˙ Thomas Person, be a Committee to prepare a temporary Civil Constitution.

Mr˙ Abraham Shepherd, one of the Delegates for Dobbs County, appeared and took his seat.

The Order of the Day being read, for taking into consideration the nomination and appointment of Military Officers:

Ordered, That the same be deferred till Monday next.

The Congress adjourned till Monday morning, nine o' clock.