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Letter from Governour Tonyn to General Gage



St˙ Augustine, September 21, 1775.

SIR: Lieutenant Brown' s distinguished conduct in his duty cannot fail to draw my particular notice of it. He has a great deal of worth and merit; besides being an excellent officer, he is a modest, fine gentleman.

Some singular, unlucky circumstances have combined to make his case and advancement in his profession rather unfortunate. When such disappointments accompany deserving merit, they awaken the attention of every one to endeavour to give assistance to remove the oppressive weight of them. Therefore, sir, I beg leave to recommend Lieutenant Brown in the warmest manner to your Excellency' s favour and protection.

Last year, sir, I took the liberty to address your Excellency in favour of my nephew, Mr˙ Levitt, whose inclinations lead him to the profession of a soldier. I was in hopes that should the army under your Excellency be compelled to act, in which case, consequences that are unavoidable, would of course bring on vacancies, your Excellency might drop a thought towards the recommendation of an old acquaintance.

I must beg leave of your Excellency to permit me to renew my solicitation for my nephew, Mr˙ Levitt, requesting on a favourable opportunity that your Excellency will appoint him an ensign, and be pleased to recommend him for His Majesty' s approbation.

It most certainly is not necessary to make professions of my warm zeal to serve your Excellency in whatever is in my power, whether in a private or publick capacity.

I have the honour to be, with very great respect, your Excellency' s most obedient and most humble servant,


To His Excellency the Honourable General Gage.