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Letter from Samuel B. Webb to General Ward



Head Quarters, New York, July 18, 1776.

SIR: His Excellency General Washington, having occasion to ride out early this morning, has dictated and ordered me to acknowledge and answer your two letters of the 11th instant, which came safe to hand by yesterday' s post. He is not a little displeased at the Agent' s taking the liberty of removing, or rather disposing of the cargoes of, the prizes, without your knowledge, and begs you immediately to forbid anything of the kind again. He is surprised that, out of upwards of four hundred prisoners, only seventy-three arms have been sent on, as he supposed every man must have had his arms with him. He begs your attention in collecting, from the Agents and others, all the arms that have been taken, and forward them immediately to this place, where they are much wanted. Enclosed is a list of articles he has taken from the invoices, and would have you send on as soon as may be.

By express, yesterday, we learn of the arrival of the northern Army at Crown Point, where those infected with the small pox will be immediately sent to a distant Hospital, so that the troops from your State bound that way need not be under any apprehension of danger from that disorder. The enemy on Staten Island remain as when I last wrote.

I have the honour to be, with respect and esteem, your Honour' s most obedient, humble servant,

To General Ward.


List of articles, taken in the Transports, which his Excellency General Washington requests General Ward to forward from Boston to New York as soon as possible:

From ship GEORGE: All the fusees, small arms, and bayonets, shoulder straps, gun straps, leather bullet pouches, hair knapsacks, canvass knapsacks, belts, flints, markees, and soldiers' tents, common tent poles, tin canteens, camp kettles, blankets, watch coats, soldiers' clothing, stockings, black plumes.

From ship ANNE: All the checked and striped Hollands, check shirts, writing paper, thread stockings, check trowsers, men' s shoes, ticking trowsers, men' s hats.

From ship LORD HOWE: All the small arms, bayonets, and cartouch boxes, part of canteens and kettles, soldiers blankets, cutlasses, canvass knapsacks, markees.

From brig ANNABELLA: All the small arms, shoes, soldiers' tents, sheet lead, pack saddles, cartouch boxes, leather bullet pouches, shoulder straps, gun straps, cutlasses, bayonets, and belts.

By order of His Excellency General Washington: