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The following Resolution is filed with the papers of this Congress:

IN PROVINCIAL CONGRESS, Watertown, July 11, 1775.

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety be directed to wait on General Washington, and inform him of the powers with which the Congress have vested them; and that the Committee of Supplies remain possessed of all those powers they have heretofore had; and to confer with the General with regard to the circumstances of the Army, and to desire him to call in all that are out on furlough, and direct that all recruits be ordered to the camp as soon as made; and the said Committee are further directed to issue their order for calling in such a number of the Militia from the several parts of this Colony as the General shall request, not exceeding three thousand men, to remain in camp, subject to the regulations of the Army, till the several Regiments shall be recruited or filled up, or till the Congress, or some future General Assembly shall judge it safe to dismiss them; and the Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers of the Militia, so called, must bring in with them a good Firelock and a Blanket; and the Officers of the soldiers so called in, shall be paid for their services agreeable to the establishment already made for the Army; and each soldier and non-commissioned officer who shall be detained in said service more than ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ days, shall each of them so detained, be paid out of the publick Treasury twelve Shillings, over and above the established pay, in the room of a blanket.