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Petition from Guert Spt. De Wint


Ordered, That the said Petition be rejected.

A Petition of Guert Spt˙ De Wint, Esquire, was read. He thereby requests leave to export a large quantity of Provisions and Lumber for the use of his Estate in the Island of St˙ Thomas, in the Danish West-Indies; likewise leave to export his Household Furniture, Horses and Carriages, and his family, and a generous supply of all the good things of this country, for the use of himself and family at sea.

Ordered, That that part of the Petition of Guert Spt˙ De Wint, Esq˙, which relates to removal of his Family, Horses, Carriages, and Household Furniture, and a necessary supply of Provisions only for their use at sea, be referred to the General Committee of the City and County of New-York; and that all the other parts of the said Petition be rejected.