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Letter from Westchester County Committee to New-York Committee of Safety


"New-Rochelle, January 27, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: We send you herewith under safe guard, the person of Joshua Gidney, whom we mentioned in our letter to you yesterday, which we doubt not you have received. He has passed through an examination by us, but will not give us the least information about the people that were with him and Lownsberry, at the house of John Gidney, though he acknowledges that he was there with Lownsberry. We think him guilty, from his evasive answers and obstinacy. Though we should be sorry that any person should suffer innocently, through our channel, yet we think he deserves to suffer, at least what he must in being conveyed to you, and probably a great deal more; for he said to us, once, that he did not choose to discover his companions; he did not choose to bring trouble on his neighbours. It is needless to recite what has passed in every particular; therefore subscribe ourselves, your very humble servants,


"To the Chairman of the Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York."