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Letter from the Lancaster Committee to the Associators from that County



In Committee, Lancaster, July 25, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: The Committee of Safety of this Province, by their resolve of the 14th July instant, have recommended it to the Committees of Inspection and Observation of the several Counties in the Province to nominate and appoint a proper number of judicious persons residing in the said Counties


respectively, to distribute to the distressed families of such Associators as are called into actual service and are not of ability to maintain themselves, the allowance which the persons so to be nominated shall judge reasonable, and have empowered the Committees to draw on that Board for the necessary sums of money, to be by them lodged in the hands of the persons so nominated and appointed, to be applied as above directed. It must give great satisfaction to such of the Associators who are called into actual service and leave poor families unable to maintain themselves, to reflect that those families are under the care of good men, who will be attentive to their situation, and make the necessary provision for them in their absence; and we are anxious to have the resolve carried into immediate execution; but as we are at a loss who to appoint, not knowing but the man of our appointment may be the companion of the poor Associator in the camp, and also being desirous that the persons appointed to this duty may be men who are agreeable to the Associators, in whom they can confide, who are known to have leisure to attend to this duty, and goodness of heart to search out and relieve the distressed, we request the favour of you, gentlemen, to send to us the names and places of abode of some good men in the Townships or District from whence your Battalion is drawn, who continue at home, are willing to accept, and will be the most suitable for this service, that we may nominate and appoint them thereto without delay.

We are, &c˙, WILLIAM ATLEE, Chairman.