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Instructions for the Officers of the Massachusetts-Bay Forces


Instructions for the Officers of the several Regiments of the MASSACHUSETTS-BAY Forces, who are immediately to go upon the Recruiting Service.

You are not to enlist any deserter from the Ministerial Army, nor any stroller, negro, or vagabond, or person suspected of being an enemy to the liberty of America, nor any under eighteen years of age.

As the cause is the best that can engage men of courage and principle to take up arms, so it is expected that none but such will be accepted by the recruiting officers. The pay, provisions, &c˙, being so ample, it is not doubted but the officers sent upon this service will, without delay, complete their respective corps, and march the men forthwith to camp.

You are not to enlist any person who is not an American, born, unless such person has a wife and family, and is a settled resident in this Country.

The persons you enlist must be provided with good and Complete arms.

Given at the Head-Quarters at Cambridge, this 10th day of July, 1775.