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Petition of Isaac Corsa



To the Honourable JONATHAN TRUMBULL, Esq˙, Governour and Commander-in-Chief of the, State of CONNECTICUT.

The Petition of ISAAC CORSA, of the City of NEW-YORK, humbly sheweth:

That your Honour' s petitioner has been informed that the reason of his being refused leave to return to his family was owing to his behaviour on the night of the 30th ultimo. He begs leave to represent to your Honour, that he did not insult the civil authority or the guard in any shape, and refers to those gentlemen who were on duty that night for the truth of his assertion. Mr˙ Walton and your petitioner were set at liberty at the same moment, upon declaring that the guard had only done their duty in stopping them at that hour. Your Honour' s petitioner, during the whole time of his confinement, has endeavoured to avoid giving even a shadow of offence. Had he acted otherwise, he must have been very ungrateful, having experienced on every occasion your Honour' s indulgence and lenity, as well as that of the civil authority. Your petitioner, therefore, humbly hopes your Honour will indulge him with liberty of visiting his family, (which is in a most disagreeable situation,) under the same restrictions as the rest of the prisoners.

And your petitioner will ever pray. ISAAC CORSA.

Middletown, December 23d, 1776.