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Galleries of the House


Saturday, October 28, 1775.

Upon a motion, Ordered, That the Galleries be kept clear for the future, unless in any case the House order otherwise.

James Prescott, Esquire, brought down a Letter, in answer to General Washington' s of the 6th instant, reported by a Committee on the same.

Benjamin White, Esq˙, brought down a Memorial from Jeremiah Powell, Esquire, in behalf of the Committee of Safety of North-Yarmouth, and Isaac Parsons, in behalf of the Committee of Safety of New-Gloucester, expressing their apprehensions of an intention in the enemy to take possession of Falmouth-Neck, and to improve the harbour the approaching winter, for the King' s Ships, and the dangerous consequences that would ensue from such a measure; and praying for assistance.

This was accompanied with a Letter from Jeremiah Powell, Esq˙, informing of Deserters from the fleet that burnt Falmouth.