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Southampton, Virginia Committee, to Provide Militias and Ammunition


Thursday, April 13, 1775.

Present: Edwin Gray, Chairman, Henry Taylor, Richard Kello, Thomas Williamson, James Ridley, Benjamin Ruffin, Benjamin Clements, Junior, Benjamin Ruffin, Junior, Thomas Blunt, Thomas Edmunds, Joshua Nicholson, and John Thomas Blow.

This Committee taking under their consideration the


necessity of providing the Militia of this County with Ammunition, and finding an improbability of collecting a sum sufficient for that purpose in so short a time as they deem necessary from the people of this County, do therefore Resolve, That each member will most cheerfully deposit the sum of Ten Pounds in the hands of Mr˙ Edwin Gray and Mr˙ Henry Taylor, or either of them, for the purpose aforesaid.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Edwin Gray and Mr˙ Henry Taylor inform the absent members of this Committee of the preceding Resolution, requesting them to contribute the sum of Ten Pounds each for the purpose therein mentioned.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Edwin Gray and Mr˙ Henry Taylor, or either of them, do, as soon as they have received the Money so subscribed, or any other sums that may be voluntarily advanced, make application to the Committee appointed by the late Convention for procuring Ammunition, &c˙, for as much Powder and Lead as the money they have received will amount to, in the proportion of one pound of powder to four pounds of lead.

Resolved, That the Powder and Lead, when procured, shall be stored in such convenient place or places as shall be agreed on by this Committee, and be liable to any directions of the same.

Silas Kirby, James Ingram, Josiah Kirby, and John Simmons, voluntarily appeared before this Committee, and acknowledged they had been guilty of violating the Eighth Article of the Association, by Gaming at the said Silas Kirby' s, and winning a small sum of money of a certain Benjamin O' Donnello, a few days before; that it was an errour they were unthinkingly led into, and are convinced of its evil tendency; that they are willing to refund every thing won by them; and they now assure this Committee of a more strict compliance for the future with the several Articles of the General Association.

This Committee therefore Resolve, That the said Silas Kirby, James Ingram, Josiah Kirby, and John Simmons, have been guilty of violating the Association; yet, in consideration of their candid behaviour before this Committee, and their ever conforming to the Association before this, their breach of it, hope the publick will join with them in considering the aforesaid persons as not inimical to American liberty.

Resolved, That the Clerk of this Committee transmit a copy of the proceedings thereof to Messrs˙ Dixon and Hunter, requesting them to publish the same.

EDWIN GRAY, Chairman.

SAMUEL KELLO, Clerk of the Committee.