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Persons prohibited from removing their Goods and Effects out of the Colony


The Committee appointed to consider a Letter from William Watson, Esquire, of Plymouth, reported the following Resolve; which was accepted, and ordered to be printed, and dispersed to the several Towns in the Colony, and is as follows, viz:

"Whereas, some of the inhabitants of this Colony, and most of them such as have been inimical to the Constitution and interest of the same, are now (after having united themselves with our enemies in reducing us to the distresses and difficulties we are labouring under) taking steps to remove themselves and effects out of this Colony into the Government of Nova-Scotia and elsewhere, in order to avoid their proportion of the burdens necessarily incurred, for our defence: to prevent which, it is

"Resolved, That no person be, from this time, permitted to move his Goods and Effects out of this Colony, unless he shall obtain the permission of the Committee of Correspondence of the Town he belongs to, or (if no such Committee be there appointed) of the Selectmen, or the majority of them, under their hands, for that purpose, but by the leave of this or some future Congress. And the several Committees of Correspondence, or Selectmen, where there are no such Committees, are hereby directed to be very vigilant in observing the motions of all such persons whom they may have reason to suspect, and to see that this Resolve be carried into full execution."

Adjourned to three o' clock, P˙M.