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General Schuyler to Governour Trumbull



Ticonderoga, August 31, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: Your Honour' s favour of the 18th instant was delivered me last night, on my return from Albany, where I attended as one of the Commissioners of Indian affairs. I have ordered the lead I can spare to Albany, with directions to forward it by the most direct route to General Washington, that you may not have any unnecessary trouble. General Montgomery left Crown Point this morning, with Waterbury' s, McDougall' s, Parsons' s, and Wooster' s Regiments, amounting to twelve hundred men. I shall join him some time in the ensuing night, and have ordered all Hinman' s Regiment, (excepting two Companies,) amounting to about five hundred men, and about three hundred more of Van Schaick' s Regiment. The Green Mountain Boys are not yet joined. Pray, order none of your troops this way; I am sufficiently distressed with those I have, for want of tents. I have every reason to believe that the Canadians and Indians will be our friends, unless the intemperate heat and disobedience of Captain Baker has rendered them our enemies; who, without my leave, and contrary to the most explicit and pointed orders, attempted to fire on one of their boats, but his gun snapping, he was killed, and his party suppose that four out of the five were killed that were in the boat, some of whom, it is conjectured, were Indians, as the one that puddled off was certainly such. A few days will determine the event of our operations.

I am, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


The Honourable Governour Trumbull.