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Letter from Governour Trumbull to General Gates



New-Haven, October 31, 1776.

SIR: Saturday last, at noon, I received your favour of the 22d instant. Rejoice to find that a supply of medicine is arrived. Wish your Surgeons may do well. Orders will be sent out directly to procure and forward to Skeensboro' ten tons of flour, to Tyconderoga two hundred iron spades and shovels. Shingle-nails are not to be purchased. Workmen shall be employed immediately to make them; please to inform, by return of this post, the quantity necessary.

No general engagement hath taken place between the two armies near New-York; some skirmishing, wherein the enemy have not been gainers.

I fancy the General Officers will, if possible without giving the enemy advantage, avoid a general action this season, which will be almost equal to a defeat. However, I am not in the secret of their counsels. None of their ships were able to pass Fort Washington at their attempt on Sunday last. One tender was sunk, two ships of war damaged and towed back.

The attack the enemy made at the same time by land was repulsed. We are put to difficulty to gain any clear intelligence, not having any late letters from the army. I hope for full intelligence from you ; and wishing you Divine protection and blessing, I am, with great esteem and regard, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,


To Hon˙ General Gates.