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Committee to Contract for the Importation of Gun-powder


Monday, September 18, 1775.

Met according to adjournment.

On motion made, Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to contract and agree for the importation and delivery of any quantities of Gunpowder, not exceeding, in the whole, five hundred tons; that in case such a quantity of Gunpowder cannot be obtained, then to contract for the importation of as much Saltpetre, with a proportionable quantity of Sulphur, as, with the Powder they may procure, will mate up the quantity of five hundred tons; that the said Committee be empowered to procure forty Brass Field-Pieces, six-pounders; that the said Committee be empowered to contract for the importation and delivery of any number, not exceeding twenty thousand, good, plain double-bridled Musket-Locks; that the said Committee be empowered to contract for the importation of ten thousand stand of good Arms; that the said Committee be enabled to draw orders on the Continental Treasurers for sufficient sums of money to defray the expense of such contracts; that the said Committee consist of nine, five of whom to be a quorum; that the business be conducted with as much secrecy as the nature of the service will possibly admit.

Resolved, That this Congress will to-morrow proceed to the election of the said Committee.

The Committee appointed to settle the Accounts of the Riflemen reported that they had received and examined the Accounts of Mr˙ West, and Mr˙ Donaldson, amounting both to 5,303 62-90 Dollars, money by them advanced for the purchase of Rifles and Shirts, &c˙, for several Companies, which is regularly charged to the men, and for Blankets and Ammunition supplied them on account of the Continent.

Agreed, That the Committee pay the above Accounts.

An express arriving with Letters from General Schuyler, dated Isle-aux-Noix, September 8th, which were read,

Resolved, That the Congress will to-morrow resume the consideration of the Letters from General Washington; also, the Letters from General Schuyler.

Adjourned till to-morrow.