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Boston Committee to the Committee of Safety



Boston, April 27, 1775.

SIR: Agreeably to your desire expressed in your letter of this date, we send you the following , which contains what has passed this day between his Excellency General Gage, and the Committee, respecting the inhabitants removing from the Town of Boston. We presume there will be a speedy application for passes, as there are a considerable number already who hare given in their names, according to his Excellency' s prescription, and therefore apprehend wagoners may be encouraged to come in as soon as may be.

It is with great satisfaction we observe your determination not to injure or molest the person or property of any one who inclines to take refuge in Boston, and hope you have made proclamation for them to come in accordingly; and that as soon as you know the time appointed for us to remove out of the Town, you are so kindly disposed to assist us all in your power under our perplexed circumstances.

We could not give you an earlier answer, as your letter did not come to hand till late this afternoon.

I am, respectfully, in behalf of the Committee, your most obedient humble servant,


To Doctor Jos˙ Warren, Chairman of the Committee of Congress.


P˙S˙ We beg you will proclaim in every Township, that all persons desirous of coming into Boston with their effects, may come without molestation; and that, we may be authorized immediately to send five or six persons, or gentlemen' s servants, to ride through the different Towns or Parishes, with open letters to the families of such people as are desirous to come to Boston, to give them proper notice. You will favour us with an answer as soon as possible. I am, as above, your most humble servant,