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Commitment of James McConnaughy


A Letter was received from the Committee of Inspection of Chester County, informing this Board that a certain James McConnaughy, with several others, had greatly abused and insulted several persons and their families, whereby many of the Militia were discouraged from marching, and therefore had ordered said McConnaughy to be apprehended and sent to the city; and he being brought before the Board, and several witnesses appearing, who, upon oath, charged him with committing violent breaches of the peace, he was therefore ordered to be confined in the common Jail of this city, and the following Mittimus granted:

"In Council of Safety for the State of Pennsylvania.

"Whereas James McConnaughy stands charged before this Council of breaking open the house of Paul McKnight in the dead of the night, committing violent breaches of the peace, and appears to be a very dangerous person: You are therefore hereby required and enjoined to receive into your custody the body of the said James McConnaughy, and him safely keep until he be discharged by the authority of this State; and for your so doing this shall be your Warrant.

"Given under my hand this 8th day of August, 1776.

"By order of the Council:
"THOS˙ WHARTON, Jun˙, President.

"To Mr˙ Thos˙ Dewees, Keeper of the Jail of Philadelphia."