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Signers and Objectors against the Association in Suffolk County


The number of the list is fifty-three; and the number that is wanting is eleven.

In Captain Halleck' s Company: John Gardiner, Joseph Gardiner, Joseph Mapes, Jos˙ Mapes, Jr˙, Jos˙ Mapes 3d, Captain Richard Howell, Edmund Howell, Micah Howell, Micah Howell, Jr˙, Jona˙ Pike, Henry Pike, Ebenezer Webb, John Corwin, Captain Barnabas Wines, Barnabas Wines, Jr˙, Thomas Wines.

Captain Horton' s Company: Simon More, Joseph Horton. Captain Goldsmith, Benjamin Wells, Silas More, David Gardiner. Captain King' s Company, none; Capt˙ Reeve' s Company, none; Capt˙ Wells' s Company, none.