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Council met at Halifax


Halifax, September, 27, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

The Council proceeded to make choice of a President in the room of Samuel Ashe, Esq˙, who has leave of absence; when Willie Jones, Esq˙, was unanimously chosen, and placed in the chair accordingly.

James Walker, who was imprisoned by order of this Board, for acting inimical to the liberties of America, was brought before the Council and discharged, on taking and subscribing to an oath of allegiance to the State.

Whereas it appears, from the oath of William Alston, that Hance Hamilton, of Granville County, is a person inimical to the liberties of America:

Resolved, therefore, That his Honour the President issue a Warrant to bring the said Hamilton before the Congress, to be examined concerning the premises.

It appearing that James Walker, who was imprisoned on suspicion of his being an enemy to the States, is a pauper,

Resolved, That the expenses and fees attending the conveyance and imprisonment of the said James Walker be paid by the publick.

Resolved, That the several Sheriffs and Collectors of Duties in this State do attend the next Congress, to be held at Halifax, on the 10th day of November next, then and there to settle their accounts of Taxes and Duties received,


and prepare themselves to pay at that time all sums of money which may be due from them to this State.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Officers of the Continental Forces in this State, and the Officers of the Provincials, not to suffer any Soldiers to be or appear at the ensuing election of Delegates for the various Counties and Towns in this State, such only excepted as have a right to vote upon the occasion.

Adjourned till tomorrow morning, eight o' clock.